Nibirus status


What is Nibiru's current status?  [update:  as of March 18, 2012]
ANSWER:   As of very
early January 2012
-  Nibiru was located about half way between your solar system's planets of Saturn and Jupiter heading toward the direction your own sun.  Keep in mind, as I reviewed months ago, in using a multi-story building as an accurate analogy, with the Earth being located on the third floor - there was an agreement arranged with a race of 5th dimensional beings having a strong working relationship with the Andromeda Council, and pretty amazing technology, using their technology
they have elevated the flight path of the planet Nibiru
[instead of entering anywhere near Earth space] to continue travelling as it is right over the top of your planet's, Earth's space, at around the ninth or tenth floor of the 'building' called our solar system.  Therefore, as I've indicated before,
there will be no 'cause & effect', no harm to come from the Annuaki on planet Nibiru
... to the people of planet Earth.  
 No harm from Nibiru.

As of this date, March 18, 2012 -  Nibiru has already
passed high over planet Earth
, Venus, Mercury & the Sun...   is passed the Sun, and is travelling well on its way out...
leaving this solar system.

Lothars comment: This statement makes complete sense, as the image's of Nibiru on the
cameras are getting smaller and smaller.